The Evolution of Television

Television last year might as well have been known simply as the year of Netflix. Not only did the sudden powerhouse player create captivating shows like Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards, it also saw fit to resurrect cult favorite Arrested Development. Those three shows alone, available in bingeable goodness, appeared to be... Continue Reading →

Do the Harlem Shake!

Yes I realize that I'm waaaaaaay late to a party that everyone left weeks ago but who cares. Here is my take on the Harlem Shake! Oh, if you're wondering where I went in the second segment, I am the sleeping bag. Enjoy you little TERORISTA!

The Best Commercial of 2012 Every so often, it happens. You are lying on a sofa, half-asleep and full of snack food in front of the television, and a truly great commercial is suddenly staring you down. Remote in hand, you are utterly powerless. Fully incapable of changing the channel due to the sheer magnetism of the advertisement in... Continue Reading →

REinventing the wheel

The human race is over. Gone are all the wonderful ideas, inventions and innovative know-how that used to dominate the rapid growth of the most dominant species on planet Earth. There will be no more pyramids built, no bright ideas like electricity and there will certainly never be a time-travel device. The human race is... Continue Reading →

Cruel Runnings

If a stranger witnesses you in the midst of a long run, which you do they see? Do they see a George Costanza 'serenity now' version of you that is calm, relaxed and powerful or do they see a fatigued, slumped over rolling sack of potatoes that looks ready to burst any instant? Or, if... Continue Reading →


"Somebody That I Used To Know - Old School Computer Remix" bd594 Just when you think you've heard it all, some creative genius goes out creates a masterpiece that is as unexpected as it is amazing. YouTube user bd594, who has posted 20+ videos to date, took the instantly recognizable Gotye hit "Somebody that... Continue Reading →

'Gofobo' set to Arcade Fire's 'Rococo' Let's go downtown and watch the modern flicks Let's go downtown and talk to the modern flicks They will give prices right into your hand Using promotions that they don't understand They say Gofobo, gofobo, gofobo, gofobo Gofobo, gofobo, gofobo, gofobo They build it up just to burn it... Continue Reading →


You're tired, you're not feeling well and you lack motivation. Eat some food, drink coffee, exercise or take a short nap and wake up! If all else fails, you need only try one one - TECHNO! Whether you like it or not, your senses will be rocked and more awake you shall be. No one can top DeadMau5 but if anyone comes close, it is definitely Skrillex. So, if you're having a lazy Sunday and you need a jump start - just watch the Bangarang!

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