Animal instincts

"It is a lovely thing, the animal, the animal instinct..." that is inherent in all of us. As 'The Cranberries,' knew many years ago, and of course gifted us a song to about, animal instincts are indeed a lovely yet dangerous thing. All living organisms are predispositioned to behave a particular way in certain situations; call it the base form. This reactionary core serves as a situationally dependent natural instinct that comes from the gut. As living things, this feeling, this impulse is both innate and individually exclusive. That said, why does it seem that humans use the term 'animal instinct' when referring to a reaction that is, in some manner, negative? Blaming or defining one's "uncontrollable" actions as simply your animal instinct is a massive cop out. It wasn't you, it was your DNA; it was how you were born and raised; it wasn't REALLY you. This is a load of animal you know what. Instinct is defined as the 'the inherent inclination of a living organism toward a particular behavior:" sounds about right doesn't it? The problem arises by adding the wild term that is 'animal' to it. Attaching such a word allows for blame directed away from oneself. The truth is, how you react to stimulus is a choice. Sure you might have an inclination one way or the other but to be human is to have the ability to choose how you let stimulus impact you. The next time you feel the 'natural' urge to claw, bark, urinate, imitate or attack an undesirable situation - don't! It's the animal instinct yes but you are a human so act like one. Exercise log: 11am: Insanity Lifting


"Hey check out this ah-mahzing video! No seriously, it is the best/funniest/cutest/coolest thing you will EVER see!" Um, yeah right.... Everyone has that friend that e-mails, facebooks, tweets, blogs or physically grabs you to forcibly watch a new internet clip or video. The actual act of viewing this clip is usually okay but the story never ends there. Your reaction to this shared clip, whether in person or not, has to be one of sheer elation and wonder regarding how great the video is but also how great the friend is both for finding and sharing it with you. Giving a 'meh' reaction is considered rude so you are often left pretending to be in awe. Good luck with that... So why do we share clips? We don't usually make them ourselves so it isn't our own awesomeness but that of someone else that you stumbled across. We share these clips with friends because, like with posting on social media, it feels good to feel connected by the reactions and comments of others. It can be depressing when you are left hanging, whether you are the sharer or the person shared with, so be cautious. In that vain, watch or don't watch this clip and respond or don't respond with your thoughts. I liked the song itself, felt the video was cheesy goodness and I found it via @AlisonBrie. Enjoy it (or don't)! Exercise log: 7am - 5 mile run with the Rutts (hills)

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