BlogMy name is Michael Miller, a boring and basic name if I’ve ever seen one. If you Google my name, your search will lead to a wonderous land of a million other Michael Millers; but Google the digital me, a.k.a. MikeTHATMiller, and it will lead you to me and only me (such as this blog or me on social as @mikethatmiller).

Either name aside, my name(s) doesn’t define who I am. I am a U.S. citizen who was born and raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, so my world view was uniquely shaped from the outset. I have since lived in many different locations across the globe, from Rome, Italy to my current corner of the world, Seattle, USA, but these continuous new experiences have only served to enrich my worldview. So as a result of my overseas upbringing, a nomadic lifestyle and unquenchable curiosity, I am forever an outsider as I’m not truly “from” anywhere. My life has been and continues to be an eternal quest for discovery, which I love using as a source of inspiration, especially writing and blogging.

I am also what is a known as a “cusper,” as I was born on the cusp of two generations, Gen X and Gen Y (a.k.a millennial), which sort of makes me a METAmillennial. And not that I care much about my Zodiac sign, but there again I’m a “cusper” as I was born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer. I was even born on the winter solstice in Bolivia, which is actually the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere! My life is defined by not fitting neatly into category, be it a generation, zodiac or even country or origin, but I believe I am better for it. I am a little bit of everything and distinctly nothing, so ultimately just proudly me, and open to new ideas.

I use my nothing/everythingness in my quest for discovery and I love the opportunities that this digital age offers in this search. Sure, I only read books in print and I escape to nature as often as I possibly can, especially now that I reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but the digital world is limitless and there is so much to explore. Friends and colleagues describe me as a deep (over)thinker, brand-lover, pop culture aficionado, social media enthusiast, sports guru, and creative problem solver – all of which are all true – but I am, at heart, a storyteller, hence this blog. I simply love the power of stories and how, in this day and age especially, they can exist in so many forms and be delivered in so many ways. I have a deep passion for brand marketing, communications and strategic thinking, especially professionally within the context of higher education and nonprofit work, but also in all things personally in pop culture, sports, the great outdoors, travel, etc.

I do my utmost to use real life, and quite often my current city Seattle and region PNW as inspiration. I love new experiences (who doesn’t), my wife Alana and our cat Revere, a.k.a. @RevereTheCat, who has over 38,000+ followers on Instagram. I am forever on the hunt for new adventures and opportunities to take in and absorb. Ultimately, as a Bolivian-born, flesh and blood American with a boring name who has lived and traveled across the globe, my lens is different than yours, but I welcome you to look through it.

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