Somebody That I Used To Know – Old School Computer Remix” bd594

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, some creative genius goes out creates a masterpiece that is as unexpected as it is amazing. YouTube user bd594, who has posted 20+ videos to date, took the instantly recognizable Gotye hit “Somebody that I Used To Know” and remixed it using old electronic parts –  crazy right?

Honestly, it is hard not to geek out over what bd594, a self-described “experimenter in music, electronics, robotics and (combined) high voltage circuits,”was able to create out of an old HP Scanjet, old hard drives and various other electronic parts. The reconstructed track itself sounds great but the awe comes from watching these ordinary, outdated parts come together to make something wholly original and fresh. It’s like someone took apart R2D2 and made him into a musical instrument – it is that unexpected. 

“It’s like someone took apart R2D2 and made him into a musical instrument.”

The video, which has a been viewed over 800,000 times in a matter of days, is a bona-fide viral sensation. It is likely to spawn a ton of copycats so be prepared for yet another Gotye overload but ignore the them. Instead, get inspired by the ongoing creativity of bd594 and his ability to take mundane objects to create something original is refreshing. If you want to be a copycat, copy the originality of changing one’s perception of things so that you can see something different and unique.


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