Get Looped!

Now that I have seen Looper, I am finally in the loop! As an avid devourer of films, I am disappointed in myself for not clearing my calendar months in advance for this film crisis averted. In my own defense, the sci-fi flick looked good but little did I know it would be great. Various trailers showed an interesting and original plot with the necessary action and high drama but justice was not done.

How was I supposed to know that digitally altered Joseph Gordon-Levitt, fresh off the eh Premium Rush, would deliver a powerhouse performance with Bruce Willis en tow? The fault is not my own. I blame Hollywood for continually popping out high-concept flops that are as uninspiring as they are predictable – Total Recall anyone?

If you know what to expect, why spend your dolla dolla bills and what may, or more likely may not, be worth your time. I go to the theater to be entertained and tonight I was not disappointed. In fact, I left the theater in a bit of high, in a contemplative state that I haven’t experienced since Prometheus. Any film that both exhilarates AND makes you think is my kind of film.

In the off-chance that you haven’t seen Looper yet, make sure to rectify this as soon as possible. Forgive me if this all seems like a bit of an oversell, but trust me if you can. If not, well, you can go re-watch Spanglish!

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