The Best Commercial of 2012

Every so often, it happens. You are lying on a sofa, half-asleep and full of snack food in front of the television, and a truly great commercial is suddenly staring you down. Remote in hand, you are utterly powerless. Fully incapable of changing the channel due to the sheer magnetism of the advertisement in front of you, you watch.

After it’s over, you rub your eyes and try to shake off the incredible experience you just had; even the loud car commercial that immediately follows can’t shake the throbbing memory. It feels as if you just watched the world’s best Hallmark movie compressed to a watchable 60 second vignette. Am I growing soft, you wonder? Shaking your head a solid ‘no way’ to no one but yourself, you change the channel and try to forget.

20 minutes later, the song from the commercial is still in your head. You haven’t been able to shake the ad yet, but you blame the song. The aptly, or is it ironically, titled ‘Stubborn Love’ song by this year’s Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, is swimming around the recesses of your brain. You know you love the song, but deep down you know that the commercial has you.

Though you are still young, you have this urge to have kids, to teach them America‘s pastime, and to watch Friday Night Lights because it somehow seems fitting. You want hope for the future. You want a normal life with a loving family and you even miss your annoying little siblings. You want the promise that the commercial offered.

Confused yet irritated, relaxed yet perplexed, you YouTube ‘dick’s glove commercial 2012;’ there it is. There is the commercial brought to you by, of all companies, Dick’s Sporting Goods. You re-watch it, convinced that it was a fluke and that your tired state made you momentarily weak, but weak you are not. 60 seconds later, you lean back in your chair humming ‘Stubborn Love’ with a lazy smile across your face. Life really is good, isn’t it?

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