What is your “hot dog” moment?

The smell of the grill overwhelms you from across the yard. Instantly hungry, you emerge from your hammock cocoon and walk towards this irresistible aroma. Arriving at the momentarily unattended grill, you lift the cover. Quickly you notice that there is no hamburgers or grilled chicken. No, there are only hot dogs. You want to... Continue Reading →

Ilya Vedrashko: Hill Holliday

Imagine you are from the Republic of Moldova, you've studied abroad in the United States as a high school exchange student, and you are seriously considering beginning a Master's program in Political Science. When an opportunity in public relations (PR) presents itself - what do you do? If you are Ilya Vedrashko, you seize the PR... Continue Reading →


If you have ever been to Maine, you have been to Vacationland. You will know you are there by the glut of Maine license plates that say so as you speed by them as you drive to your vacation destination. Be prepared not to speed too fast since you never want to hit a moose... Continue Reading →

The NASCAR ‘Twist’

Professional sports should be exciting. Audiences should be fully enthralled in the drama that unfolds on the screen, field, court or stadium in front of them. The sheer athleticism should shock and awe with such force that mere fans should be left with jaws on the floor and eyes as big as Kermit the Frog.... Continue Reading →


As is not often the case, Boston is in the eye of the storm, a nor'easter named Nemo. My Twitterverse exploded with warnings, regulations and advice as Nemo loomed large. And then, the crazy thing is that Twitter was right, Nemo was/is actually quite devastating. The only non-devastating news is the name Nemo itself. Why... Continue Reading →

The Best Commercial of 2012

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1KK6yNcJfA Every so often, it happens. You are lying on a sofa, half-asleep and full of snack food in front of the television, and a truly great commercial is suddenly staring you down. Remote in hand, you are utterly powerless. Fully incapable of changing the channel due to the sheer magnetism of the advertisement in... Continue Reading →

Fast Food, Fast Beer

It's 3:30pm on a crisp, Sunday afternoon and you're driving home. The highway was your friend hours ago but the good times have passed. Tired and hungry, all you desire is to sit at home on your couch with a cold beer watching football. Like an emperor, you could walk around in your free-flowing robe... Continue Reading →

Marriott taking ‘Residence worldwide

Marriott International Inc. is investing in their future by expanding globally in emerging markets around the world. Led by a new, internationally focused Chief Executive, the large hotel chain is going after the global market. Though they already have 630,000 hotel rooms in 70 countries, Marriott wants to grow. Over the next three years, they... Continue Reading →


I had the privilege of attending the 2012 Marketing Innovation Conference at Harvard Business School. After a day of invigorating sessions that covered topics ranging from haptic shopping to handling corruption in emerging markets, I was able to hear John Skipper, ESPN's new CEO, give the afternoon keynote. It was, in a word, interesting. As... Continue Reading →

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