What is your “hot dog” moment?

summergrill, grill, firepit The smell of the grill overwhelms you from across the yard. Instantly hungry, you emerge from your hammock cocoon and walk towards this irresistible aroma.

Arriving at the momentarily unattended grill, you lift the cover. Quickly you notice that there is no hamburgers or grilled chicken. No, there are only hot dogs.

You want to be repelled and you want to re-cover the grill but your arms won’t move. Instead, you hear a surprising sizzle where your mouth-watering saliva has penetrated the sanctity of the enticing dogs.

After taking a quick glance around the yard to ensure that you aren’t being watched, you use the tongs and steal the largest hot dog as you make your escape.

Once safely back in your hammock enclosure, you remove the temptation from a the rolled paper wrapping you deftly created and, inhaling one last time, you take a bite, your first, of the hot dog. 28 years later and you have finally eaten your first dog. Pure Heaven.

Everyone has a “hot dog” moment. Everyone. You, me, your mother, her best friend, every boss or schoolteacher and so forth. A “hot dog” moment simply means doing/eating/accomplishing/visiting a very normal something/place that you have never done before, specifically at an age later than most people.

Eating a hot dog in your late twenties, especially if you live in the United States, certainly qualifies and, as recently experienced by a friend of mine, the very definition of this so-called moment. Maybe the moment seems small or insignificant to you but it can definitely be momentous for someone else.

Think of it this way. If you were to play ‘never-have-I-ever‘ and you wanted to get your friends to put fingers down, you pick something that everyone else has done. The more likely that others have done it, the better it is for you. Just imagine if you could truthfully say you’d never eaten a hot dog. All fingers down but your own. Pure gold.

So what is your “hot dog” moment? What have you not done that most people have? It can be anything from never pulling an all-nighter, drinking a beer, watching ‘Titanic,’ petting a cat, visiting a neighboring state/country, flying in a plane kissing, riding a bike or, of course, eating a hot dog. You probably have a quick guess as to what your moment is but if not, think about it. You never know when you’ll play ‘never-have-I-ever’ again…


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