House of Blues Boston: Concert Venue Review

Have you ever heard of the venue¬†House of Blues? Odds are you have since they have 10+ locations in major cities across the United States that range from Dallas to, of course, Boston. The success of the chain should tell all consumers that the brand is good and worth checking out but how can you... Continue Reading →

You’ll Never Walk Alone

As an ever-growing fan of Liverpool, it was exciting to discover an amazing venue where I will be able to watch every single Liverpool game in a throng of cheering, vocal and passionate supporters of the legendary club. The venue is a self-described 'alternative Irish bar called 'The Phoenix Landing,' located in Cambridge, MA. But,... Continue Reading →


Today was a running failure. According to my marathon training schedule, courtesy of, I was supposed to run 12 miles today but sadly, that did not happen. I would like to blame someone/thing/place, but as Charles Jones always says, "no one is a failure until they blame somebody else." Suffice to say, I don't... Continue Reading →

‘Generation Rent’

For better or worse, I am 'generation rent.' Since college, I have lived in, excuse me rented, nine different apartments and I recently signed a lease for another one. I could have purchased a home and made better use of the money but I did not. I, like others in my generation, have made a... Continue Reading →

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