‘Generation Rent’


For better or worse, I am ‘generation rent.’ Since college, I have lived in, excuse me rented, nine different apartments and I recently signed a lease for another one. I could have purchased a home and made better use of the money but I did not. I, like others in my generation, have made a habit of renting and who knows when it will change. Our parents bought homes but we rent; why?

I cannot answer that question for anyone except for me so I’ll use myself as an example. I rent because I don’t want to be tied down. I rent because buying a house is (semi)permanent and jobs I’ve had haven’t been. I rent because it is easier, less complicated. To put it bluntly, renting feels safe will buying seems terrifying.

I do want to own a house but I know I’m not ready to commit to one place, state, or even country at this time in my life. As other ‘renters’ know, renting keeps different opportunities more doable and keeps change a viable possibility. Once I am fully into a career in my field (global marketing) I aim to grow deeper roots but until then I rent and fluid will my life remain.

I am truly excited by the prospect of not having to move my belongings, though it helps limit junk from accumulating, not having a *landlord and the idea of large-scale ownership but the day hasn’t come. Until it does, I will remain a ‘generation renter’ and continue to waste money while being a moving part in this changing world.

*I dislike ALL landlords

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