Life After “Death”

Humans are not moths or butterflies (duh) so the likelihood of life after death, afterlife aside, is not possible. We do not live as one physical being, go into what biologist Bernd Heinrich calls “a deathlike intermission” and miraculously morph into another. Unlike the worms and caterpillars that transform from ground crawlers to air fliers, humans do not literally change form. Sure we grow, lose weight, gain hair and get glasses but our ‘form’ remains constant.

Humans do go through plenty of metaphysical changes that, though unseen, are definitely important in the transformation from one stage of life to another. Major life events like accepting Christ, losing a loved one, finding a life partner, having a baby, being involved in an accident and so on can be so mind-blowing and perspective changing that the individual that emerges is quite different. Though our form is unchanged, the being most certainly is has been altered.

What remains constant in both the literal and metaphysical transformation is change. After death, as defined by the changing of one’s ‘form,’ comes new life. In regards to time on Earth, heaven/hell excluded for argument’s sake, it is always well worth taking advantage of it in full. The recognizable quote “carpe diem” is fitting since the words highlight  the urgency and vitality in cherish every moment in life since you never know when it could be irrevocably altered.

Be you moth, caterpillar, human or any living thing, take the advice of Tim McGraw and “live like you’re dying!”

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