You’ll Never Walk Alone

Moments before Skrtel’s amazing goal!

As an ever-growing fan of Liverpool, it was exciting to discover an amazing venue where I will be able to watch every single Liverpool game in a throng of cheering, vocal and passionate supporters of the legendary club.

The venue is a self-described ‘alternative Irish bar called ‘The Phoenix Landing,’ located in Cambridge, MA. But, this is no ordinary bar – it is the best sports bar in Boston as it was thus awarded by Boston Magazine‘s prestigious annual ‘Best of Boston‘ list. They were correct.

The atmosphere is positively electric, the fans are rabid and, though crowded, the general vibe is amazing. Getting to the game late afforded me the wonderful choice of standing in the proverbial back corner, next to the bar, near the bathroom or in the general way (my official choice) but it was worth it; especially so due to the inordinate number of HD flat screens that were at my viewing disposal. Standing also allowed me, and many other supporters, to better join in on the exuberant, literal chill-giving goal celebrations that were epic in nature. You never walk alone but you never celebrate alone either, at least not while watching games at ‘The Phoenix Landing!’

That said, Liverpool played a pretty good yet uneven game, especially along the back line, that left more to be desired both positively and negatively. I was as impressed by the overall play of the Italian Borini and the pace of the youngster Sterling, even if he does have a habit of going down too easily, as I was unimpressed by the continual sloppiness of Reina and his shaky defenders. In the end, I left the game feeling hopeful that 2012-2013 will be a bright season since, even after a terrible opening game where finishing in the final third seemed option, today’s result at Anfield was still good thought I pray that we finish games better moving forward. This is my analsis, this is more to go around but my new yet trusted source of Liverpool insight is the Liverpool’s WordPress blogThe Red Letter‘ which I encourage everyone to check out.

Anyway, I’m excited to watch Liverpool this season, especially at one intoxicating Cambridge bar in particular, and I can’t wait to watch the next game with LFC Boston, of which I still need to become a member because YNWA!


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