House of Blues Boston: Concert Venue Review


Have you ever heard of the venue House of Blues? Odds are you have since they have 10+ locations in major cities across the United States that range from Dallas to, of course, Boston. The success of the chain should tell all consumers that the brand is good and worth checking out but how can you be sure? Sure the ‘House of Blues’ is equal parts restaurant, bar, concert venue, store and night club so you do have many activities that you can choose between. In spite of many negative reviews on Yelp, I chose to go and experience this place for a concert. Here is my review which can also be found on Yelp.

I, quite recently, went to a Beirut concert here and, based on the discouraging reviews mentioned above, was quite nervous about going. Suffice to say that my expectations were lowered going in so I had a greater chance of leaving satisfied and I must say that I did, but only because of the amazing performance of Beirut. As a result, my overall experience was good yet I cannot give the experience more than 2 1/2 stars out of 5  since many of the negative reviews were correct.

For example, the following statements are ALL true:

  • It really DOES take waaaay too long in-between sets (especially for only two bands).
  • The drinks ARE significantly overpriced (especially the minuturesque mixed drinks).
  • Too many people in the crowd wouldn’t shut up during the show – like a competition, the louder the music got, the louder the talking was and so forth.
  • Unnecessary screens on the upper level that don’t zoom in so by looking at them, and not the stage; you actually gain LESS visibility.
  • Flashing cameras are not permitted yet they permeated the crowd in unceasing fashion.
  • Tickets are overpriced (duh).
Seating options (choose the balcony to guarantee visibility)

That said, the sound was impeccable and my view of the stage from the balcony seating was great, though the same cannot be said for the standing-room that I tested out. I did love the general feel of the venue as a music hall as it was for the full-sound of Beirut and, I imagine, for other types of bands as well. I still don’t know if I’ll ever go back but, since they book a ton of bands I love, I’ll at least have to consider it for future concerts. Potential concerts aside, House of Blues does not warrant my returning. The cost of attendance and inconsistent atmosphere do not outweigh potential fun to be had.

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