Amish Run

Today, I ran with the Amish. That is not a typo, I literally ran with Amish runners in the 3rd annual ‘Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon‘ in the heart of Amish country in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The race is semi-famous due to an article in Runners World published on the event titled ‘Running with the Amish.’ There were 1200+ runners from over 35+ states, runners from a multitude of countries, runners ranging in age from 9 to 74 years old and yes, male Amish runners. It is truly a unique event that I am excited to have been a part of since it was a weirdly fun run through Amish farmlands that had everything from buggies passing you mid-race to Amish children handing out Powerade and spraying runners with hoses. Though the course itself is challenging, I recommend that any runner that wants a completely new running experience check out this race so that next year there are even more runners traversing fields, passing one-room schoolhouses, side-stepping manure and having a blast all the way.

Below are a few of my pictures from the race today. Enjoy!

Waiting to start
Nearly done!
Aaaaaaaaand DONE!!!




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