Dear Roger

Dear Roger (Goodell),

How are you? I haven’t written to you in awhile so I wanted to correct that grievous error by sending you this letter. I’ve been pretty busy lately so I must apologize for not being in touch, as you said you liked, so here you go. Oh, I see that your NFL is back, which I think you still are czar of (right?), so it made me think of you. I must say, I hope you are doing well since what I heard about the NFL was pretty mean.

Let me explain. This morning, while I was standing in the check-out line at Trader Joe’s, I overheard two guys talking about the NFL, which caught my attention (plus I was bored) so I listened in. I heard them say that the NFL stood for ‘not-for-long’ and ‘no-fun-league,’ which I thought was dumb since it obviously stands for the National Football league, but it was what they said next that really caught my attention. The little guy said that he already hates the new, unprofessional referees. I nearly chimed in to let him know that Roger would never allow such a thing but the big guy answered before I could and he blamed it all on you. I know this is a silly rumor since you are obviously great and you pride yourself in professionalism but I wanted to ask you, what did this man mean?

The same guy added other mean things regarding a few cheaters you might know and something about a lot of injured players but I have forgotten what they said. I wanted to tell him how nice you are and that he is very misinformed about you but a different aisle opened up, and I was in a hurry to catch the Tom’s recital, so I didn’t.

Anyway, I hope that your NFL is still a big hit (oh dear, what a pun!) and that you take care of yourself.

Hugs and kisses,

p.s. Does that nice young man Brett Favre still play? I’m very fond of him as I’m sure you remember. Please tell him hello next time you see him.

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  1. Dr. Primus discusses the piisobslities of Real Circumstances surrounding the game…Published December 2, 2012 | By theprimusreportIn wake of the tragedy suffered at the Kansas City Chiefs football facility, Dr. Primus sheds some light on what could be deemed the ill effects of being in the league.As we ponder the many reasons that could drive expired Kansas City Chief Javon Belcher to commit such a heinous crime and then take his own life, we realize that our health and well-being even transcends the greatest game in the world.Before we pass judgement on the game itself, despite all its many imperfections and the toll that it seems to be taking on those gladiators in the arena, the overall “good” of the game far outweighs the “bad”, however you want to define good and bad. In this time of tragedy, however, we must address the possibility of this most glaring “bad”, and that the actions of this NFL player may have been the result of a form of mental illness. I have not been aware of a similar amount of recent suicides as the four recent NFL suicides since last April. With any suicide, there is an element of mental illness and sense of helplessness and hopelessness.Our question for the NFL and his health care providers will be was his mental illness related to traumatic brain changes from repetitive head collisions, or mental illness from other causes such as hereditary factors or other drug interactions. No matter what the cause, we have to do a better job in addressing this fatal form of hopelessness that blocks the vision of any future worth living for…Our sincere condolences to the family of Kasandra Perkins and Javon Belcher. Let’s hope that the NFL not only provides needed support to the young 3-month old child that is now left without both parents, but also aggressively addresses this issue of mental illness, as this can be the most serious sports injury of them all…

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