Top Ten Mock Draft

The NFL pushed the highly anticipated 2014 draft into May this year and tonight, finally, the fever pitch moment is here. Draft pundits everywhere having been creating detailed mock drafts and in a mere number of hours, the accuracy will be put to the test. Truthfully, like every March Madness bracket, every mock will be... Continue Reading →

Stadium Arcanenium

It seems unlikely, nigh impossible, but the massively popular NFL is in decline. Not in viewership or media coverage, mind you, but in revenue-generating, atmosphere driving stadium attendance. Since 2007, when attendance at NFL games hit at an all-time high, there has been a consistent and troubling drop in attendance that is still trending the... Continue Reading →


I had the privilege of attending the 2012 Marketing Innovation Conference at Harvard Business School. After a day of invigorating sessions that covered topics ranging from haptic shopping to handling corruption in emerging markets, I was able to hear John Skipper, ESPN's new CEO, give the afternoon keynote. It was, in a word, interesting. As... Continue Reading →

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." Ernest Hemingway Ask any player on the Green Bay Packers roster, or any¬†player on a National Football League roster, if they trust the so-called 'replacement refs' and I bet you'll get a resounding no. What was a laughable situation in... Continue Reading →

Dear Roger

Dear Roger (Goodell), How are you? I haven't written to you in awhile so I wanted to correct that grievous error by sending you this letter. I've been pretty busy lately so I must apologize for not being in touch, as you said you liked, so here you go. Oh, I see that your NFL... Continue Reading →

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