The Reality of Fantasy

When you read science fiction or watch trippy sci-fi movies, it is likely you’ll encounter zombies, aliens, ghosts, superheroes that exist in crazy, tilted views of planet Earth. You’ll also discover the phenomenon of alternate realities where a whole separate world exists that you, once properly en-lighted, can be a part of. The obvious example is ‘The Matrix’ where Neo, the protagonist, chooses for himself, and thus the audience,Β  to “go deeper down the rabbit hole” by taking a pill that he knows will change him forever. He makes the choice in this case, but in the alternate reality of fantasy sports, we choose…

ImageFantasy sports, for those who don’t know, involves real life athletes doing real life activities in real life arenas while countless regular Joes cheer, jeer, trade, complain and celebrate the accomplishments of their players. This parallel universe of actual sports and fantasy sports is, like in ‘The Matrix,’ mind-blowing and perspective changing if, and only if, you make the choice that Neo did. Choose to join a fantasy league and watching sports will never be the same, don’t and you can remain a happy fan that root root roots for the home team.

In oversimplified terms, fantasy sports are sports where people like you and me create a league (based on a particular sport like baseball, football etc..), draft different players to be on a created roster, manage the roster i.e. place players in the roster and then simply cheer for players on your ‘team’ to do well in real life. For example, if Tom Brady is my quarterback and he throws a touchdown, I get credit for his touchdown. Additionally, if Brady throws an interception (which he is too perfect to do) I will lose a few points for the negative real life action – make sense?

In fantasy world 2012, there a leagues of all kinds for all sports available on a multitude of websites that include, but aren’t limited to, ESPN, YahooSports, CBSsports and more. So called fantasy experts make a living off of trying to predict successes and failures of real life players. It means that I might celebrate an Eagles Tight End catching a touchdown against my Falcon only because I drafted the guy based on expert advice.
It is exhausting, thrilling and definitely a reality that I couldn’t have predicted until I experienced it myself.

So, are you in a fantasy league? Do you want added stress every time you watch sports on tv? Do you want to occasionally root against your favorite team? Do you want to lose sleep and spend time a large number of hours fretting over which player to play and who to add to your roster? Well, do you?

For me, the answer is yes. The curtain has been pulled back and I have seen the other side and I love it. Once seen, it is nearly impossible to “unsee” so I must continue. But with thrills comes annoyance and much worse so play on if you have already but otherwise, don’t listen to Neo and live in peaceful ignorance.



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