Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

In the middle of another cold and blustery Green Bay winter afternoon, Alan Bart Erickson met the world for the first time. His parents, proud Wisconsin natives through and through, hadn't been this ecstatic since 1961, when Bart Starr led their beloved Packers to the top of the NFL stratosphere. Weighing in at a healthy... Continue Reading →

Finishing is winning!

Have you ever worked towards an objective where at first your goal is perfection but for whatever reason switches to simply completing said objective? If so, you are and I are alike.Granted I don't try to make a habit of such situations since I strive to deliver great results to whatever I do but I... Continue Reading →

Are you a runner?

Do you consider yourself a runner? Before you answer, take a moment to think. Do you enjoy the physical action of running? Do you define yourself as a runner to friends, on your Facebook profile or through subscriptions to Runner's World? Do you frequently sign up for 5Ks, 10Ks, 10-milers, half-marathons or marathons? Back to... Continue Reading →

Dear Roger

Dear Roger (Goodell), How are you? I haven't written to you in awhile so I wanted to correct that grievous error by sending you this letter. I've been pretty busy lately so I must apologize for not being in touch, as you said you liked, so here you go. Oh, I see that your NFL... Continue Reading →

Amish Run

Today, I ran with the Amish. That is not a typo, I literally ran with Amish runners in the 3rd annual 'Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon' in the heart of Amish country in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The race is semi-famous due to an article in Runners World published on the event titled 'Running with the Amish.'... Continue Reading →

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