Get High!


When was the last time you were high? When was the last time you were a state of sustained euphoria? Being high has obvious connotations but all high states revolve around some form of substance intoxication. This begs an obvious question: what is your substance?

Let’s backtrack for a second. When you were a kid, it is likely that you lived in a world that had less cares and much more wonder. Insignificant things like shiny pots or crawly caterpillars enthralled you, captivated you and put you in a state of curious awe. Perhaps you were a reader who was exhilarated by likes of Ender, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys or Encyclopedia Brown. Or, if you valued success, it’s possible that once you saw your first A on a report card that you were so impressed with yourself that you never wanted the feeling to stop. Your address was Cloud 9.

Fast-forward to today and it is likely that your residence has been grounded and you are too smart to be enthralled by flash bulbs, little critters or childish mysteries. With life experience and knowledge comes a better understanding of the world which, sadly, means infrequent ‘high’ states. But, sage that you are, you realize how important these fleeting moments were are so you seek them out. How?

To find the how, you must remember the when. So ask yourself, when was the last time you were high? How did you do it? Can you do it again? These are important questions. Many of us live from one high to the next which unfortunately leaves us down quite a bit as well. If no longer being a kid means needing lows to get highs, it better be a darn good high.

My encouragement to you is to go out and get high. I’m NOT encouraging you to use illegal substances, as can easily be inferred, but I AM encouraging you to be inspired. Go do something that transcends your normal life. Think about your highs, what got you there and how you can get back.

Personally, I have been high while in love, while writing, when I get a great idea, while running, while in a new place, while watching an epic movie (most recently ‘Lawless’) and many, many other times. Each activity has its moments and not all are guaranteed to work every time but since getting high is special, it is worth it when I am.

So unless reading this blog makes you high, stop reading now and go find your high.

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