Best of 2020 (So far…)

Good. Better. Worst? 2020 is a third of the way through so far and man if it doesn't feel like three times that. Any year where literally the entire world is force-quarantined by a pandemic is, to put it nicely, awkward. I doubt it is anyone's idea of fun to hole up at home

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Imagine you are ensconced in your tiny, yet comfortable apartment due to a relentless blizzard. Looking outside, you reflect on this wonderful and unexpected snow day that has given you what you desire most, time. What do you do with your day? Slowly, carelessly, a smile emerges on your contented face as your mind drifts... Continue Reading →

Get High!

When was the last time you were high? When was the last time you were a state of sustained euphoria? Being high has obvious connotations but all high states revolve around some form of substance intoxication. This begs an obvious question: what is your substance? Let's backtrack for a second. When you were a kid,... Continue Reading →

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