You’re tired, you’re not feeling well and you lack motivation. You need to wake up so you drink coffee, snack on some food, perhaps you do some light exercise or, if all else fails, you take a short nap. Still tired? You need some jarring stimulating TECHNO!

Whether you like Techno or not, it is guaranteed to rock you to your core. Your senses will be rocked, your brain put on high alert and instantly awake you shall be. If you are lucky, or normal, you will likely have an uncontrollable urge to move.

If you don’t know who to listen to, start out small and listen to recent Britney Spears or David Guetta but DO NOT stop there! Slowly work your way up to Deadmau5 and just go nuts! Listen to the epic song ‘Raise Your Weapon‘ since it just might change your world but, if for some reason it doesn’t, at least you’ll be awake to argue it.

Finally, once you realize how mind-blowing Techno is, listen to recent Grammy award winning Skrillex. This is not a suggestion, if you’re having a lazy Sunday and you need a jump start, watch Bangarang NOW!

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