The Contenticity of Authenticity

Sheer curtains, bright worldIt was too sunny for a Tuesday. That hadn’t changed. The curtains, thin as a flurry of snow, failed continuously to heed the bright warning of the sun. Like a spotlight illuminating the shy and fallen, the sun warded off the curtains’ meek protestations and shone, brilliantly, on the tangle of hair, saliva and sweat, still fast asleep.

Hours piled on hours piled on an seemingly impenetrable fortress of pillows and blankets before finally collapsing within as the Beast awakened, slowly. A loud growl emerged from the bowels of the netherbed as continued signs of life were noticeable. And finally, with one mighty push, the sun was give full access to beat down, unhindered, on the once dormant mass.

She was, for all intents and purposes, awake. Not in an enviable child screams and runs and shrieks and shrieks and shrieks (and shrieks) fashion but more awake than the day had yet seen. A quick glance of Her sunny surroundings yielded another audible growl, made worse by geyser, slowly rising within.

Heaving softly after a quick sprint down the hall, She was once again in the now sweltering box of a room still under attack from the heavenly rays. Another glance, this time at the very object of Her disdain, brightness itself, the geyser began anew, this time bring with it an earthquake that permeated every fiber of her being. And again She erupted.

Still confused by the cause of all this hell fury, She swallowed a film-coated Ibuprofen tablet, from Advil while draining an indescribably delicious glass Seagram’s Ginger Ale. And to eliminate or at least diminish the force of further eruptions, She ate a plain Ritz cracker (by Nabisco didn’t you know?).

Emitting a soothing coo, like that of a newborn babe, She finally felt, well, better. Standing to face the illuminated fireball head-on, She thought, how beautiful life is…


Was this an engaging story or merely a “trap” advertisement for Seagram’s, Advil or Nabisco? Is this content, like the content you consume online, considered real and authentic or is it simply a brand sponsored advertisement that is trying to engage with consumers? More importantly, does it even matter?

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