Modern Storytelling

The anthology television series, whether seasonal or episodic, has been and will continue to dominate the television landscape for the foreseeable future. Whether you've directly noticed the trend or not, and you probably have if you watch any form of television in this day and age, you've likely enjoyed a show that utilizes this throwback... Continue Reading →

What is FOMO?

What is FOMO? Sure the acronym stands for Fear Of Missing Out but to answer the question solely is akin to dissection in a 9th grade biology class; it means nothing. To truly understand the FOMO meaning, one has to feel it. Be burned by it. Be saddened by it. Be laid bare in a lab... Continue Reading →

The MMQB Fan Essay

Every Monday, Sports Illustrated's Peter King writes his weekly article, Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB). This week, King asked for readers to submit a 200-word essay on the reason why fans love their teams to I encourage you to submit your own, but for now, here is my submission. Why I Love the Dallas Cowboys... Continue Reading →

You Are Pretty Freaking Great.

You are pretty freaking great, don't ya think so? I'm sure you're asking yourself how I know that you know that you are pretty freaking great but it is simply because you are. Really. Truly. Freaking. Great. YOU! Now I'm certainly not saying that you are perfect, who is (Ryan Gosling?), but what you bring to... Continue Reading →

The Contenticity of Authenticity

It was too sunny for a Tuesday. That hadn't changed. The curtains, thin as a flurry of snow, failed continuously to heed the bright warning of the sun. Like a spotlight illuminating the shy and fallen, the sun warded off the curtains' meek protestations and shone, brilliantly, on the tangle of hair, saliva and sweat,... Continue Reading →

The Story is the Thing

In October of 2012, I attended Harvard Business School's Marketing Innovation Conference in Cambridge, MA. I went with fairly high expectations but, so my own surprise, it was because of John Skipper, CEO of ESPN, that it became an experience that continues to stick with me. All of the other tremendous speakers and panelists were interesting and thought-provoking but... Continue Reading →

Mobile: A Hate Story

The longer The Internship continued, the more uninterested Jack became. He hadn't heard great things about the film but his love of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson had piqued his interest enough to push play. Now, after an increasingly dull 30 minutes, Jack grew restless. Squirming uncomfortably, he desperately tried to find the perfect. Just... Continue Reading →

I love stories!

Story-telling is one of the most powerful tools in the world. Whether a story is scratched onto a cave wall, typed on a word press, told through a single photo or filmed through a lens, the end result can be powerful. I've always appreciated a good story and I hope that never changes. Though I... Continue Reading →

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