You Are Pretty Freaking Great.

You are pretty freaking great, don’t ya think so? I’m sure you’re asking yourself how I know that you know that you are pretty freaking great but it is simply because you are. Really. Truly. Freaking. Great. YOU!

Now I’m certainly not saying that you are perfect, who is (Ryan Gosling?), but what you bring to today, tomorrow and all the days to come can’t be ignored. It is you that notices the world at large, from dirt on subway seats to to flowers beginning to bloom to loud billboards that loom overhead, and decides how to let it impact your daily life. It is YOU that determines the outcomes to your days. It is YOU that chooses who to interact with, what dope album to get lost in or what sweet kicks compliment your outfit that day. And every day. YOU.

And yet, deep down you feel like maybe great is a bit of a stretch. Maybe weird or just-a-bit-different or pretty normal is a better description of you. Oh sure you want, perhaps even, anyone and everyone to see how freaking great you seemingly are while you hold in your secret: great is outward, not inward. You assume that because you can’t casually strike up conservations with acquaintances like your best friend can that you must be lesser. You assume that, though you are happy with your body, it is only as great as the clothes that can cover it up. You assume that because others can make you feel helpless and small, then angry without an outlet, that you are anything but great. You assume you assume you assume you assume you assume you assume you assume you assume…  

Think of it like this, the life you think you want is the life you actually post on social media. You can hope that friends and family will see, consume and hopefully be jealous of is your perceived greatness. Take a minute sometime and scroll through your own page and likes and interactions aside, does it feel like you? Does it make you feel great? Only you can be honest in your answer but know this, greatness can’t be defined by a new restaurant you visited or some epic trip where you proved you were great because hey, you laid on a beach and ruled at life. Those can be great things, but what makes them great is how they truly impact and shape you, Captain Great McGreaterson!

The greatest thing about you truly is that you aren’t like everyone else. Your supposed flaws are what make you who you are and what you are is yourself. There is literally no one else in the world quite like you. No on else that sees and impacts the world the way that you do. No on that has your diverse tastes, wardrobe and loved ones. Without you, the world would be undoubtedly worse. And deep down, on a level no social media outlet can show it, you are freaking proud of who you are. Whether you attempt to post it or now, you secretly revel in the the quiet awesome of the great person within. You’re pretty freaking great so lean with it, rock with it, own it, believe it, grab it and show it!

Tony the Tiger

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