The Greatest Gift

To have it is to want more of it. To lack it is to desire it with every fiber of your being. To have it and lose it and lose it and lose it is to get depressed by the idea of it. This is no “less is more” ideal, this is a more is more is always more so gimme gimme gimme (yes I’m a child that understands) so yeah, gimme gimme gimme.

As I write this, I realize that what I have right now is exactly what you want but you can’t have. Truly. Even if I wanted to give it to you, it isn’t mine to give. And, if it were, there is no way to do so. Through life chance and choice, I have earned it and I will enjoy it to its utmost. So there. [insert winking, tongue out emoticon]

The idea of fairness comes into play but, as I learned at an early age when I unjustly received a smaller portion of Easter candy, life isn’t fair. It really isn’t. Name one thing that truly is and wait for the thousands of counter arguments that will immediately rise up. The healthiest people have heart attacks (genetics), the wealthiest people catch breaks (2nd/3rd/4th… chances) and the biggest jerks get away with being the biggest jerks (why?!?!?).

Life just isn’t fair. So if I have something that I know to be valuable and in high demand, but I can’t give it away no matter how hard I would want to, it fits this life pattern. As the with anything the best thing to do in such a scenario as I enviably find myself is to enjoy this gem that I have to the fullest. Sure others, insert your name here ________, will be jealous but isn’t the bigger crime to waste what I have. THAT wouldn’t just be unfair, it would be unjust.

So that goes back to the question, what to do with what I have. My wish list is long but, alas, is limited. Sure I could travel to Australia and have the greatest walkabout of all time but it costs too much. What I have isn’t money, sadly. I could go on a shorter, more financially feasible trip with whom? Others I’d want to travel with don’t have the luxury of having what I have and who wants to go to Montreal alone? Exploring Boston, the city I have come to love, for millionth time is much more feasible, though boring. Sigh.

Instead, maybe I should just read the Harry Potter series. Or watch all the James Bond films. Or beat every Mario game I have. Or write that novel that I obviously have in me. Or actually pound out my extensive Netflix queue. Or turn the lights down low and listen to every MUSE album from start to finish. The possibilities aren’t endless but they are many.

Ultimately, the most important thing to do in this situation is to have no regrets. When you are in possession of such a gift as time, yes time, it is vital to take advantage of it. When you have time, use it because as you know, when you don’t have it, life is no fun. So, unless you have a hot tub time machines, time is that gift that you must really use, or risk losing. Just remember, time is ever fleeting so don’t blink, attack it!

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