The Greatest Gift

To have it is to want more of it. To lack it is to desire it with every fiber of your being. To have it and lose it and lose it and lose it is to get depressed by the idea of it. This is no "less is more" ideal, this is a more is... Continue Reading →

Not Content

Imagine you are ensconced in your tiny, yet comfortable apartment due to a relentless blizzard. Looking outside, you reflect on this wonderful and unexpected snow day that has given you what you desire most, time. What do you do with your day? Slowly, carelessly, a smile emerges on your contented face as your mind drifts... Continue Reading →

REinventing the wheel

The human race is over. Gone are all the wonderful ideas, inventions and innovative know-how that used to dominate the rapid growth of the most dominant species on planet Earth. There will be no more pyramids built, no bright ideas like electricity and there will certainly never be a time-travel device. The human race is... Continue Reading →

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