Everything Everything

“You know how you finish a bag of chips and you hate yourself? You know you’ve done nothing good for yourself. That’s the same feeling, and you know it is, after some digital binge. You feel wasted and hollow and diminished.” ― Dave Eggers, The Circle To be alive in 2016 is to be exhausted. The world... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Gift

To have it is to want more of it. To lack it is to desire it with every fiber of your being. To have it and lose it and lose it and lose it is to get depressed by the idea of it. This is no "less is more" ideal, this is a more is... Continue Reading →

All the World’s a Stage

Forget Meryl Streep. Forget Leonardo DiCaprio. Forget Bryan Cranston. Forget Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Forget any actor you've ever seen on-screen. To find the best actor alive, look in a mirror. Shakespeare had it right. Earth is the largest stage ever built and we are the actors. Whether we burn bright and fast or grind through life... Continue Reading →

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