A Love Letter to Snow From the City of Boston

Dear Snow,

You are beautiful. No really. I don’t want to mince words so I said it clearly and concisely. In case you missed it, I’ll say it again (louder!) YOU. ARE. BEAU-TI-FUL! Period.

A short while ago, I was feeling lonely. To be honest, I was a bit dirty as well, which in hindsight may have contributed to my loneliness, but thanks to you, those days are over. Like the swarm of tiny angels I know you are, you arrived and literally covered me in your purifying love.

Truthfully, insecure as I can sometimes be, I was afraid your time with me was fleeting but oh heavens have you proved me wrong. I thought for sure that my wish to, ya know, casually hang out as “friends” on Valentine’s Day was unlikely but then you, like a timely Malcolm Butler’s interception, jumped right in! PHEW! Every single time I thought our time was drawing to a close, you flew right back.

Your love is so strong, so constant and so all-encompassing that it has even spread to that city down south….sorry I can’t say that word but you know who I mean. The point is, I know you have so much love to give that even though you continually shower me with most of it, I understand you being so nice and sharing some it. God bless you!

Anyway, you know I could wax poetic on my feelings towards you so I’ll stop soon but I did want to mention one last thing. I appreciate how instagrammable you have made me and I will cherish every single beautiful snapshot you inspired. Other loves come and go but I can’t wait to Spring back to you this time next year. Oh, and don’t listen to the haters, THIS letter is all me!

Forever yours,
(Don’t ever ship off from) Boston

Oh, forget Bennifer or Kimye, BOSnow is the greatest nickname ever!

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