Planet of the Humanoids

singularity theory - The Era of Terminators – In 2045, computers will rule humans!The year is 2013 and humans have been replaced by lifelike humaniods that are fueled by technology. With the exception of a ever-shortening recalibration period over the course of a typical night, these humaniods are sustained through sustained, daily periods of interaction with technology. There are no visible wires but the recharge itself is visible through the empty eyes that stare blankly for hours on end.

The humaniods are required to use multiple tools to recharge, sometimes even two or three at a time, in order to be fully rounded into functionality. Human-like tissue surrounds the complex neurosystem of the humanoids thus necessitating physical movement but, through handheld electronic devices, walking or walk running can be done with recharging completed through the ear orifices and more recently through the eyes via Google Glass.

As you have likely guessed, humanoids have taken over Earth. Folklore has the takeover beginning centuries ago but the commonly agreed upon mythology is centered around the supreme humaniod Steven Jobs. The revered one realized that humans were increasingly becoming unable to be mentally at rest while becoming more physically so. Underdeveloped brains proved incapable of processing the rigors of life and had to be, as Jobs famously wrote, ‘distracted.’ Truer words were never spoken.

Fast forward back to 2013 and the ‘Distraction Movement’ that Jobs began in the transitional 1980s is a success. Humanoids now rule over the increasingly scattered humans, who now mostly cling to life in the area known as Wyoming. Distraction Police proved effective in ‘automating’ humans throughout the movement and now humans capable of abstract thought and simple rumination are mocked and ridiculed by humanoid leaders like Louie C.K., which you can see for yourself in this now infamous rant on human intellectual capacity.

Louie recognized that humans have lost the ability to be ‘themselves’ while not be doing something. In a reference to what Jobs first realized, Louie said that humans were forever empty and that knowledge is all for nothing. He did take it one step further and equate the emptiness to an inherent sadness that time alone in thought brings to the surface, a sentiment this essentially humanoid gospel.

Looking to the future, it is expected that the transformation from humanoid to ‘roboticon’ will be complete by the year 2055. As predicted by Jobs, that is the necessary amount of time needed to fully integrate technology internally thus rendering current electronic docking stations obsolete. Solitary refinement will replace time current humans have alone with their deep-rooted sadness thus creating a happier, more efficient world devoid of unnecessary emotion.

Humans have capacity to save themselves, as frequent nostalgic references to the antiquated past illustrate, but time is not on their side. If action isn’t taken soon, humans will be the new dinosaur, extinct. Any human reading this, heed this as a call-to-action or enjoy Wyoming, while you have it…

Machine, Robot, Manbot

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