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“You know how you finish a bag of chips and you hate yourself? You know you’ve done nothing good for yourself. That’s the same feeling, and you know it is, after some digital binge. You feel wasted and hollow and diminished.” ― Dave Eggers, The Circle To be alive in 2016 is to be exhausted. The world... Continue Reading →

Red Circle Obsession

Hairy feet so big that no shoe could fit it. An appetite so immense that no meal could satisfy it. A love of green and yellow so peculiar it defies all logic. A thirst for quiet so strong that only mind-game wizardry can affect it. And worst of all, such a desire for a tiny, circular thing that you'd go... Continue Reading →

The Happiness Conundrum

With the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness became an official government mandate, a literal inalienable right. Citizens gained the right to life, to liberty and to the pursuit of their dreams and desires. Whether Thomas Jefferson borrowed this notion from Adam Ferguson's An Essay on the History of... Continue Reading →

All the World’s a Stage

Forget Meryl Streep. Forget Leonardo DiCaprio. Forget Bryan Cranston. Forget Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Forget any actor you've ever seen on-screen. To find the best actor alive, look in a mirror. Shakespeare had it right. Earth is the largest stage ever built and we are the actors. Whether we burn bright and fast or grind through life... Continue Reading →

The Next Big Thing?

Instagram's mystery event has concluded and the final result was CEO Kevin Systrom unveiling 'Instagram Direct.' This new feature essentially is based around the idea of connection since it allows users to send directed pictures and videos to up to fifteen followers. These sent messages can then become a means of creating a conversation centered... Continue Reading →

Planet of the Humanoids

The year is 2013 and humans have been replaced by lifelike humaniods that are fueled by technology. With the exception of a ever-shortening recalibration period over the course of a typical night, these humaniods are sustained through sustained, daily periods of interaction with technology. There are no visible wires but the recharge itself is visible through... Continue Reading →

Emotionally Stunted

You stand in front of your speckled living room windowpane, window cracked, and breathe in the fresh, crisp city air as you scan the familiar perimeter. Coffee in hand and a full day in wait, a Friday no less, you sigh in anticipation of what is to come - the distance to cloud nine fast-diminishing.... Continue Reading →

When was the last time you saw a homeless Amish person? The Amish, unlike the The United States of America they live in, are a collective unit whose bond transcends the individualistic society that surrounds it. With a lifestyle that emphasizes familial relationships, religion, and community, the Amish take care of one another. By shunning... Continue Reading →

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