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“You know how you finish a bag of chips and you hate yourself? You know you’ve done nothing good for yourself. That’s the same feeling, and you know it is, after some digital binge. You feel wasted and hollow and diminished.” ― Dave Eggers, The Circle To be alive in 2016 is to be exhausted. The world... Continue Reading →

What is FOMO?

What is FOMO? Sure the acronym stands for Fear Of Missing Out but to answer the question solely is akin to dissection in a 9th grade biology class; it means nothing. To truly understand the FOMO meaning, one has to feel it. Be burned by it. Be saddened by it. Be laid bare in a lab... Continue Reading →

All the World’s a Stage

Forget Meryl Streep. Forget Leonardo DiCaprio. Forget Bryan Cranston. Forget Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Forget any actor you've ever seen on-screen. To find the best actor alive, look in a mirror. Shakespeare had it right. Earth is the largest stage ever built and we are the actors. Whether we burn bright and fast or grind through life... Continue Reading →

Planet of the Humanoids

The year is 2013 and humans have been replaced by lifelike humaniods that are fueled by technology. With the exception of a ever-shortening recalibration period over the course of a typical night, these humaniods are sustained through sustained, daily periods of interaction with technology. There are no visible wires but the recharge itself is visible through... Continue Reading →

More Human Than Human

To be human is to be, well, human. And, as a real life human, it is thrilling to be allowed to waaaaaaay overreact to any perceived slight. Truly. Bursting useless blood vessels when someone drifts carelessly into your lane, has the gall to steal that last outlet at the airport or divides the check wrong... Continue Reading →

A tree fell in Albuquerque

Think hard, what side of the age-old argument do you fall on - does a tree that falls in the woods when no one is around make a noise or not? Your answer to this question might seem unimportant but it might just define you. Let's try a different example. If you watched the 'Breaking... Continue Reading →

Unsocial Media

I am a 10 foot giant with sharp claws, fiery breath and titanium for bones. I am a demon times the Hulk further multiplied by Wolverine with the razor wit of Stephen Hawking. I am your worst nightmare. If you are lucky, I can also be your personal Yoda, your watchful Gandalf and even Harry Potter... Continue Reading →

Alicia Smith: Agency Oasis

Meet Alicia Smith. Now give her drink of water because she is parched, even if she doesn't know it. Within the last 3 weeks, Alicia began her new role as Client Partner at Agency Oasis (ironic right?), got engaged and still managed to find time to meet with me. Granted, when our meeting began she... Continue Reading →

Pandora’s Box?

Today, the wait is over. Today, we finally have our answer. Today, the hype meets reality. Today, today is our independence day! Wait, wrong movie. Today, the dream I dreamed still lives! Ever since Facebook announced, then shrewdly and secretly promoted, that they have a major announcement coming, today has become a field day. By... Continue Reading →

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