A Fever You Can Sweat Out

1695287237_2f45bc28e3Sweat. When you workout, the goal or at least end result should be sweat and lots of it. As the toxins freefall down that imperfect canvas that is your body, you smile; exhausted. A good workout should leave you tired but invigorated, dripping but enthusiastic and, most importantly, contemplative but empowered.

So what is your workout jam? What exercises do you engage in that take you to that happy place where the rest of your day looks clearer than before, even with the salt formations that encrust your face? Do you vary it up depending on the amount of time you have or your perceived energy level at the moment or do you force a quick sweat so you can say you did.

There are so many options to workout but at the root of all of them is motivation. Lucky you if you are great at self-motivation or you have a workout group that motivates but when time, location and motivation work against you, getting a workout in is tough. Maybe you can join a gym to alleviate some of these problems but the effort, and potentially cost, might further work against your likelihood of working out.

The easiest singular workout is always running. The relatively inexpensive workout requires only shoes and an open road; as well as motivation of course. Running can be done alone with your thoughts, or to the beats of Macklemore or Green Day, but it can be done. Simply open the door and go. Map the run ahead of time or use your iPhone 5 as your GPS but just getting started is the key. The only problem is running is not for everyone since it can be boring and, if you have bad knees, quite painful. What to do?

Amish Half Marathon
Me running the Amish Half Marathon last fall

What about Team Beachbody? You might think you haven’t heard of this but you have. Beachbody is behind, and is the king of, the at-home workout through the P90x, Insanity and Les Mills Combat DVDs. If you ever watched television late at night, you’ve probably seen at least one infomercial for one of these. Depending on your level of fitness, these DVDs are nice because of the simplicity they provide. Each one comes with a workout schedule, or calendar, that tells you which workout to do on what day.

BBLogo_Vertical_ProcessBlueAnd, if you want camaraderie, Team Beachbody has a website where you can create an online persona and have a virtual workout community complete with a trainer that checks in with you as you begin your journey. Better yet, each workout is led by a trainer and a subsequent group of attractive people who work out with you. Sure you won’t likely begin working out in just your sports bra or be able to do 100 pull-ups, but who cares?

Personally, I have done all three. I started with P90X, led by the insanely fit Tony Horton, and it was as muscle-building as it was diverse. If you want a good muscle base, and you have weights at home, P90X is the best. If your goal is to lose weight and tone up, I would then suggest Insanity. Led by the sculpted Shaun T, you will sweat sweat sweat and feel totally wiped out during and after each workout but you will feel great. Finally, if you want to sweat but want something more fun, try Les Mills body combat, the DVD set I’m currently in. Though not as intense, it is fun to punch, kick and sweat to choreographed music.

Tony Horton P90X
Tony Horton
Shaut T Insanity
Shaun T

The beauty of working out with Team Beachbody, or through a glut of other at-home workout DVDs, is that you can do so at home at your pace on your schedule. Regardless of which DVD workout challenge you select, you can instantly ignore weather conditions for running or finding a tennis partner or paying a monthly gym membership, just put in the DVD and prepare to sweat. You can even workout at home with a friend but either way, keep pushing play…

Les Mills Comabt
Taylor and I on Day 1 of Les Mills Combat

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