A Fever You Can Sweat Out

Sweat. When you workout, the goal or at least end result should be sweat and lots of it. As the toxins freefall down that imperfect canvas that is your body, you smile; exhausted. A good workout should leave you tired but invigorated, dripping but enthusiastic and, most importantly, contemplative but empowered. So what is your... Continue Reading →

Run Amok

As a lover of music who has seen his tastes change and evolve over the years, I expected more out of myself. And yet, as Yoda would say, failed have I. Man oh man(!) do I feel dumb but I'll get to that... 2012, at least musically, was a magical year. There was the wonderfully... Continue Reading →

Best Songs of 2012

Now presenting my top 50 songs of 2012! Only caveat, no band can be represented more than once hence the reason you won't see multiple entries from the likes of Jack White, Woodkid, fun., Frank Ocean and so on. Enjoy! Check out my best albums of 2012! 50. Selah Sue, "Raggamuffin" 49. The Shins, "Simple... Continue Reading →

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