The best things in life…


…are unexpected. As kittens, toddlers or inebriated college kids will often demonstrate , you never know when or what will inspire curiosity. It is the fun of the unexpected that can bring true, unadulterated joy.

Think about it. The pressure of gift-buying is alleviated once the packaging becomes the object of interest. When was the last time you observed the box, tissue paper or wrapping become the toy and the gift be the afterthought?

Hopefully you are left surprised but amused by irony of the situation and NOT  annoyed that the intended gift is a mere afterthought. Truth is, you still brought happiness. Ultimately, you are a victor in a game where there are no losers.

Whether you see the joy a box can bring or you have more fun standing in an Ikea line for hours than you might have had going out, you just never know what life will throw at you, so prepare to be surprised. Embrace the situations you are in and make the best of them or risk living a very rigid, mad-at-the-world kind of life.

If this pessimistic person seems a little too familiar, here is what I hope happens to you. I sincerely hope you receive a hilariously large gift this Christmas that is in an impeccably wrapped house-sized box that you can only open after one full hour of playtime with the exterior. Then, and only then, may you open the present so you can really see if it is worth it, Pandora…

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