Plastic Magic

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. As if you were an alien from another planet viewing the human form for the first time, truly examine yourself. Look yourself in the eyes, trace the wrinkles on your face, outline your changing hairline, feel the softness of your cheeks, watch yourself  breathe in and... Continue Reading →


The past, as it has always been, is the prologue. Marketing is in the midst of a revolution that focuses on the past while remaining relevant in today's world. The more new technologies emerge, the more marketers revert to previous ideals and images indicative of a glorified simpler time. This marketing shift works two-fold since... Continue Reading →

The best things in life…

...are unexpected. As kittens, toddlers or inebriated college kids will often demonstrate , you never know when or what will inspire curiosity. It is the fun of the unexpected that can bring true, unadulterated joy. Think about it. The pressure of gift-buying is alleviated once the packaging becomes the object of interest. When was the... Continue Reading →

Road Work Ahead!?!

It's 2am, you're driving home after catching a late flight and your GPS is hemorrhaging minutes as you speed home on an empty highway, high-fiving yourself the whole way for having the for fore site to drive home at this hour. How smart you are! Up ahead, you notice an orange sign with a few... Continue Reading →

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