Plastic Magic

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. As if you were an alien from another planet viewing the human form for the first time, truly examine yourself. Look yourself in the eyes, trace the wrinkles on your face, outline your changing hairline, feel the softness of your cheeks, watch yourselfΒ  breathe in and out but never look away. You are mystery, complexity and wonder all in one. You are a product of choice, of chance and luck. You are the most unique organism in the entire universe; aren’t you?

Take a step back but do not look away. Now what do you see? Around that perfect face is frequently changing hair that tells part of your story. The length speaks to your carefree desire while the gel-infused rigidity knows the lie. The color screams natural youth while the roots boldly pull away the soapbox. An eyebrow furrows at this thought but you care not for the eyebrow that has the natural shape that God, your tweezers, has ordained. Perfection. This is you, isn’t it?

Take a few steps back and this time examine yourself in your entirety. Your mind makes the connection that you are fully clothed and you relax. Hidden in subtle but cheeky ways are the many imperfections that others will never lay eyes on. Your tight jeans flatter your shapely calves and your t-shirt is oh so tight in only the right places. Moving down to your feet, you notice how little your tattoo shows so you quickly change to something more purposefully open. Ahh, there it is. You are officially pimped out, but don’t thank your DNA or exercise routine, thank your credit card.

You are what you buy…

Humans are the creatures on Earth that have the power to drastically change appearance as they see fit. Better yet, it can be done by the simple swipe of a card. If you tire of how you look, change it. For your face, by cover-up and concealer, for your hair, dye, and for your body, there is no limit. Be bold, be opportunistic and, most of all, be wise.

The outside world will judge you the instant you set foot outside your comforting walls, so take notice and dress accordingly. Pay attention to your defects and conceal, pun intended, them. Notice trends and follow them with precision. Skinny jeans are in, baggy shirts are out and thick-framed glasses, regardless of functionality, are waaaaay in, so pay attention!

Give the world a little nudge and help them along with the story you want to convey, but dressing accordingly. If you have a semi-fit frame, wear leggings; if you don’t, wear heels that will accentuate your calves and sell those. If you have a gut, hide it under mistletoe the newest H&M flannel shirt. Let the world, and yourself if you are an exceptional liar, know that what you show is perfection and that nothing is by chance.

The more you purchase, the more you fit in!

Great concept right? Businesses and advertisers alike would love for you to live by this motto. It is easy to buy new outfits, it is nigh impossible to do the same with your body. Sure, you can go a different plastic route, surgery, but that is for the truly desperate. Keep it simple, stupid! In order to be more pleased with what you see in the mirror, and what others see out there in the cruel, cruel world, is plastic. Easier than cash, plastic is dangerously easy to use and everyone is all too happy to see you use it. Win Win!

Word of warning – selectivity. Since you obviously need to plastic your way through life to fit in, make sure you do a good job of it. Don’t buy things that don’t flatter, aren’t current or have the right brand. Only flash the plastic when you are certain that what it captures will literally show the world who you are. You don’t get to decide what others think of you but you can influence the decision. You can tip the scales in your favor, so do it.

Mirror Mirror

Take a step in the right direction and move even further from the mirror and reflect on what you see. The farther you stand, the more out of focus you become. Perhaps this is a good thing. Standing too close carries risk. The more we see ourselves, the more we think about what others see. The more we see the assumed imperfections that others see, the more we revert to plastic. It just isn’t sustainable. There isn’t enough magic in the world to eliminate the damage this causes.

Take precautions, a few at a time, and move away from outside rules and focus on who you are. Yes, your purchases will tell a story and that won’t change, but what can is your view of them. See how perfect your imperfections are, learn to love yourself and let the confidence show. Plastic doesn’t buy that confidence, it destroys it little by little. Step closer to the mirror and appreciate that magic that took place to create you.

Take back the power from all outside influences, companies, peers and strangers alike, and just be yourself… You’ll be happy you did.

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