Road Work Ahead!?!

ImageIt’s 2am, you’re driving home after catching a late flight and your GPS is hemorrhaging minutes as you speed home on an empty highway, high-fiving yourself the whole way for having the for fore site to drive home at this hour. How smart you are!

Up ahead, you notice an orange sign with a few brake lights tapping lightly but you think nothing of it as your cruise along, still patting yourself on the back. Soon you are slowing down, ever so softly caressing your dormant brakes but you assure yourself that someone up ahead merely noticed a deer, briefly decreased their speed and caused a momentary blip on your serene calm that is the empty highway.

One minute later your eyebrows begin to furrow, your blood pressure starts to simmer as you notice a sea of brake lights swarming around repeated orange ‘ROAD WORK’ signs that laugh at you as you attempt, attempt, to enhance your calm. You fail miserably.

Even the soothing sounds of ‘The Avett Brothers‘ can’t calm the storm that is Hurricane (insert your name…) _______! Every ounce of serenity has evaporated and, worse yet, has been full been replaced on the other end of the spectrum with severe agitation, anxiety and deep-rooted turmoil that recalls every negative event of the previous 24 hours, days, months and years.

You understand why the lanes need to merge into one, why construction workers avoid heat/traffic/sleep by paving at night but it matters not. The only thoughts in your mind are phrases like ‘why always me’ and ‘just my luck’ as you continued your downward spiral into the black hole of your anger. Life, as you know it in that instant, is over.

Road work is the bane of your, my and everyone’s existence and should be halted forever – with the exception of Pennsylvania which needs it times infinity!



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