Rain, Rain.

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”

Is there anything more depressing than rain? Like bullets dropping from the sky, rain just blows in and snuffs out the sun leaving behind a darker world. The sun has retreated in defeat while the rain marches on crushing the spirits of beach-goers, drivers, hikers and bikers alike in prolonged victory. If you look closely, you can hear the rain rub it in as it tap tap taps on the windows of your covered fortress as it mocks you incessantly. Rain 1, Your World 0.

It is possible that a beautiful rainbow might emerge but it won’t bring a pot of gold with it that gives you back the outdoor time you lost. Your day is dreary, your mood is foul and your possessions are wet yet a rainbow will make it all better? Try band-aiding a broken bone and see if that helps (it won’t) or other such futile endeavors that will leave you broken and depressed. To be blunt, rain sucks.

And yet, does it really? I have always been enamored with rain because of the wonderful gift it gives me: time! Rain creates little pockets of precious time that help with productivity, relaxation and indoor comfort. Gone are the expectations to go for a run, mow the lawn, run errands or work in the garden or any such thing. In it’s place you’ll find that moment to read, write, drink tea, cook and on and on and on….

There is no perfect reaction to rain since the often incorrectly predicted action can come at inopportune moments but remember that the live-giving substance gives you the ability to react as you like so take full advantage and embrace it (not literally though that would be funny). Enjoy your parade as best you can and, like with Skittles, taste your rainbow!

Rain, rain, don’t  go away…

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