Is this real?

What is your beach tradition? Do you live in the water and never get out? Do you like to go, lay out and ‘die’ on your towel while the day rolls slowly along or do you read for hours on end? Perhaps your traditions also involve eating at seafood restaurants, playing beach house games or a smattering of all/most/some of the above.

One (Wenger) tradition I enjoy is going to the movies, normally mid-to-late week, to catch a recent flick. This year, the small local cinema has four options which are not in a million years Ice Age, already seen and loved The Dark Knight Rises, not in theaters The Watch and the semi-intriguing Total Recall. What to do what to do….

The first Recall, the at-the-time mind-bendingly original film, starred Arnold Schwarzenegger during his ’90s glory days as an ‘actor.’ The movie not only won an Oscar and had box office success but it was flat out campy fun with unforgettable lines spoken inaudibly by The Governator.

Now, in the year 2012, technology has continued to improve so the inevitable remake has arrived. Though I haven’t seen it (yet), reviews aren’t good since this film takes itself a bit too seriously and chooses action over character development and Colin Farrel‘s brooding eyebrows over AHnaHld’s pained expressions…worth it? For lack of better options, I’m likely to find out!

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