I Screen, You Screen, We All Screen for SUNscreen!

Everyone loves to spend time in the sun, especially when at the beach, but NOT everyone likes to get burned by it hence the Lord invented sunscreen. Whether you choose Banana Boat or Coppertone, SP30 or Bronzer, it is important to put on the ‘screen to protect your skin. The potential for skin cancer awaits if you don’t but the more immediate penalty is getting burned tomato red thus creating discomfort, pain and the swearing off of going outside. Just keep it simple and remember that if you don’t apply then you might cry!

That said, though you might think you’re a supreme sunscreen tactitian but what if you’re wrong? What if the sunscreen lessons you learned as a child are completely incorrect? Just because you don’t visibly burn each time your exposed to the sun doesn’t mean you are a true master of screen application. Blah blah blah you say but put yourself to the test and see how you do before you go ‘sun’ gloating.

Below is a short sunscreen quiz so give it a shot and see how you do.  The answers are directly below each question so scroll down slowly so you read the answers and cheat. All information is courtesy of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) so pay attention!

  1. What level of sunscreen should you use?
  2. How often should you apply sunscreen?
    Every two hours OR immediately after swimming/sweating
  3. When should you seek shade and avoid the sun?
    When your shadow is shorter than you
  4. Does SP30 have twice the protection of SPF15?
    No way Jose!
  5. What percentage of UV rays do SPF2, SPF15 and SPF30 screen?
    SPF2 screens 50%, SPF15 screens 93%, SPF30 screens 97%
  6. How long should you apply prior to going outside?
    15 minutes (for adequate protection)

How did you do? Pat yourself on the back if you did well and put more sunscreen on if you did not! Don’t forget to adhere to these sunscreen rules so you can maximize your time outside without sacrificing your skin, and potentially your life, down the road. Now get out there and (properly) soak up some rays!



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