Highway Fraudery?


Have you ever read or at least seen the cover of the popular magazine Runner’s World? I am not currently a subscriber but I have leafed through multiple issues and I am fully aware that it is a well edited, thoroughly intriguing magazine that covers a plethora of running-related issues in interesting fashion. And yet, it is fraudulent. I know I know that this claim offensive, blasphemous and (probably) flat out wrong especially the one making the claim, me,Β  is a). no magazine expert, b). no running expert and c). not even a subscriber but allow me to elaborate.

I cry fraud because of the way it makes me, a novice runner, feel. I should get jacked up about running after I read Runner’s World but unfortunately the opposite is true. It seems like EVERYONE in the magazine has already run a million races, overcome waaaaay more serious injuries and has both mental fortitude and sticktoitiveness. I, on the other hand, am the ugly stepchild who wishes to be part of the family who knows deep down that it is not possible. Don’t believe me? Just look at the cover an an issue about running ‘your’ first 5K: ImageIf THAT girl needs 5 weeks to train for her first 5K then how in the world can I/you/we/normalpeople, a.k.a. not her, be true runners? I, foolishly and yes on a whim, signed up to run my last first marathon this coming November but the task at hand has never seemed anything but daunting. I mean, I’m still proud of myself whenever I run 4 or 5 miles and that should and needs to be just a warm-up. How do I get to RW level?

The answer, given by RW and countless places online, is to follow a training pattern, keep yourself accountable (blogs etc), eat correctly, get enough sleep, give yourself recovery time, take heed of any niggles/injuries, have running buddies and a great support system but, and this is a big butt, what if that isn’t enough? What if you don’t have what Born to Run joy of running? What if you can’t run for fun? What if you every mile is you against yourself telling yourself to stop? What if what if what if….

I hope that one day I can be less fraudulent and be a happy happy joy joy runner like Scott Jurek or any runner that has been on a page of RW but, for now, I fear the worst and will likely continue to agonize run after inglorious run. That said, my fingers are crossed, my attitude is more positive then it sounds and though I have a lot of quit in me, I am not made up entirely of it. What are little boys (running ones) made of made of?

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