The Best You!

Are you currently the best you that you’ve ever been? Take a minute, or more, to think about it since it is a loaded question but an important one to ponder nonetheless.

If you answered yes, think about why? Are you wiser, smarter, holier, wealthier, healthier, better-looking or better off than ever before? And/or do you feel more comfortable, more in control and self-sufficient than all previous yous? Or perhaps you said yes because that’s what you think you should say because as you get older, shouldn’t you also be continually improving? But of course you say the only answer to this trick question is yes–right?

There is that chance that you’ve peaked and your life is, for all intents and purposes, on the down-slope. Perhaps you were a phenomenal athlete with tons of accolades that have come and gone or maybe you dated that dream person and the relationship has long since ended. You know what, life really was better back when I was ____.Β  Um, bull hockey!

If you don’t like your current you, change it. Make the current you the best you and take advantage of the life you have now! Sure you were a bit more adventurous when you were younger and yeah your skin was clearer but take heed of your life lessons you’ve accumulated and use them to embrace change as you mold your future! You can’t change the past but you can make your now so why wouldn’t you? Make the you of today the you that previous yous would envy and live in the now!

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