Flashing lights

Death was in the crisp, fall air. The darkness of the unforgiving city offered only harsh realities that eliminated any hope for optimism. On an empty street corner, she stood alone, hiding under a broken umbrella that offered little resistance to the pounding rain. Glancing at her watch, she how late it was and the directness of the situation further settled in. A cold shiver enveloped her.

A screaming ambulance approached from the distance, bringing with it temporary light. Could it be she asked herself? Was it him? Shaking her head, she knew. It was too coincidental. First the desperate call, the time of night and the direction the flashing lights emerged from She was too late and worse, she was to blame. Her momentary weakness, her inability to use her waning strength, her failure…

As the flashing lights flashed closer and closer, the realized what must be done. Summoning whatever courage she had left, she stared at the ambulance and stepped directly into the light….

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