The Branding Tree

…a very special tree. This tree wasn’t like other trees since no one knew this tree from any other. Stuck in the deep forest in a sea of other similar, often superior trees, this tree was sad and alone. Undifferentiated and positioned ever so poorly in the dead center of the growing forest, the tree... Continue Reading →

First Snow

A light snow began to fall, covering the ground in a pure white. The innocent beauty of the fluttering flurries flowing freely from the open sky were appreciated by all, except her. She had been standing on the platform for over ten minutes impatiently waiting for the T to arrive. Even the purity of the... Continue Reading →

Flashing lights

Death was in the crisp, fall air. The darkness of the unforgiving city offered only harsh realities that eliminated any hope for optimism. On an empty street corner, she stood alone, hiding under a broken umbrella that offered little resistance to the pounding rain. Glancing at her watch, she how late it was and the... Continue Reading →

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