Candy Crush Commuters

The Silver Line bus wasn't as crowded as the T had been but it was still standing room only. Pressed firmly between a door and a lawyer's oversized book bag, reading was out of the question. Alertly, I squeezed my oversize book back into my TIMBUK2 bag and pulled out my smartphone; it was time for a... Continue Reading →

What do YOU want?

What do you want? What is that one thing that you absolutely have to have. That thing that drives your passion and heats your desire and is that unnecessary push since a good shove isn't required. Everyone wants something, craves something and is desperate for something. Though the thing changes by person, the end goal... Continue Reading →


Steve Jobs was a visionary. He observed the world around him and used it as inspiration. Where others saw problems, he saw opportunity. Through his unique lens, Jobs was able to continually innovate, often building off of the core ideas of others and significantly improving upon them. Unless you've lived under a rock your entire... Continue Reading →

Write it down!

You are creative. You are. Repeat after me, you are creative. If you think you are not, you are incorrect. If you think that you have to be some kind of an artist in order to be "a creative," you are incorrect. If you think creativity has passed you by, you are incorrect. You ARE... Continue Reading →


I had the privilege of attending the 2012 Marketing Innovation Conference at Harvard Business School. After a day of invigorating sessions that covered topics ranging from haptic shopping to handling corruption in emerging markets, I was able to hear John Skipper, ESPN's new CEO, give the afternoon keynote. It was, in a word, interesting. As... Continue Reading →

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