What do YOU want?

Andy Warhol What do you want? What is that one thing that you absolutely have to have. That thing that drives your passion and heats your desire and is that unnecessary push since a good shove isn’t required.

Everyone wants something, craves something and is desperate for something. Though the thing changes by person, the end goal is always one and the same – HAPPINESS!

If I take that trip, get offered this job, move to the coolest city or fall in love with the perfect person, I will be (forever) happy; right? You convince yourself that you are one thing away from happiness so you work to achieve that it. The question is, what if you are wrong?

Even if your thing is small, like getting an iPad mini that will totally change your subway ride to work or it’s getting a  loving pet that cuddles only with you, what if it isn’t enough?

Putting all your proverbial eggs in a this-will-make-me-happy basket is dangerous. All the promise of what this wonderful life journey can bring can’t possibly be minimized, or trivialized, by attaining that one thing you think you need.

Life can be hard. That is true. Things can bring happiness sure but if you constantly crave that one thing, what happens if you get it and it isn’t enough? What if, and this is difficult to swallow, you were wrong. The sky will fall all over you Chicken Little.

Though not easy or always readily apparent, it is important to allow yourself to be happy with the things you have. What you have you have for a reason so enjoy it. Make the most of it but go further. Revel in it. Allow yourself to be embraced by the warmth of everything you have and let the things you want drive you, not control you. Allow love to be your baseline and you’ll always win. Always.

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