Predicting the Oscars

Updated with winners (in green)! The Academy is in for a long night. The ballots have already been cast but the story has yet to be told. The different directions the night could take, and Monday morning water cooler conversations that follow, are as exciting as they are unpredictable. Will members deliver a pleasantly surprising... Continue Reading →

Oscar Nom Noms! Oscar season is officially here. Christmas has passed, the 2013 has begun and New Years resolutions are already struggling to stay afloat though none of if matters, not now. Though flawed, the Oscars have officially arrived by way of announcing the nominees. I enjoy this "season" immensely since I am that guy who enjoys... Continue Reading →

The Truth about the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises is fast-becoming quite the controversial film. Critics, fanboys, and casual fans alike seem to have VERY strong, crazed impassioned opinions when it comes to the finale of director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Films today, especially the sequels and trilogies etc, have the increased ability to create 'superfans' that will staunchly defend... Continue Reading →

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