Open Letter to ‘The Academy’

Dearest Oscar, How have you been? It has been a long time, I mean a long time, since we last spoke but as I approach my last gasps, urgency is of the utmost importance so I'll press on. My message to you today is a warning. A warning to take extra care in whom you... Continue Reading →

The Rotten Globes

Blerp, looks like "Benjamin" and his Argonauts have finally succeeded in their quest of the Golden Fleece, or at least in pulling it over our eyes. Argo fleecing both Best Motion Picture - Drama AND Best Director - Motion Picture served as the biggest the surprise(s) of the Golden Globes last night, aside from the... Continue Reading →

Oscar Nom Noms! Oscar season is officially here. Christmas has passed, the 2013 has begun and New Years resolutions are already struggling to stay afloat though none of if matters, not now. Though flawed, the Oscars have officially arrived by way of announcing the nominees. I enjoy this "season" immensely since I am that guy who enjoys... Continue Reading →

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