15 Best Albums of 2015, So Far…

Music is life. Music is escape. Music is expression. Music is revolution. Music is life-changing. All these ideas, true as they are, aren't new or revolutionary. Who cares. These ideas are undeniable and as factual as ever.  So thank God that 2015 has already produced so much wonderful music for us to get lost in. But seriously,... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Virtue of Academy Award Ignorance

The Academy is in for an interesting night. Sure the ballots have long since been cast but the story of all the votes unfold tonight. The night could go many directions and yield a few surprises but, as always, the Monday morning water cooler conversations that follow will be centered around the biggest awards, of which many are true toss-ups. At the center... Continue Reading →

Red Circle Obsession

Hairy feet so big that no shoe could fit it. An appetite so immense that no meal could satisfy it. A love of green and yellow so peculiar it defies all logic. A thirst for quiet so strong that only mind-game wizardry can affect it. And worst of all, such a desire for a tiny, circular thing that you'd go... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Television

Television last year might as well have been known simply as the year of Netflix. Not only did the sudden powerhouse player create captivating shows like Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards, it also saw fit to resurrect cult favorite Arrested Development. Those three shows alone, available in bingeable goodness, appeared to be... Continue Reading →


Is it just me or did the music of 2014 actually outdo last year? It may seem impossible, given that 2013 included tremendous albums from the likes of Kanye West, Vampire Weekend, and Daft Punk, but overall, I'll take this year. Not that a debate is necessary since we all win in this theoretical argument... Continue Reading →

Hype Machine

When I was in high school, I craved freedom. Like any teenager, I was eager to break away from my normal routine and discover the big bad world. At the time, this world consisted of the greater Atlanta area but to me it might as well have been another planet that I, a resourceless astronaut, needed to discover. Without a car, cell phone, or... Continue Reading →

Best Tracks of 2014 (So Far…)

Last year was a banner year in music but 2014, so far, has proven to be up for the challenge of being even better. With albums from heavy hitters like The Black Keys, Beck and St. Vincent already in the books, what more can 2014 do??? Reducing the best songs to a mere (20)14x2 meant eliminating old... Continue Reading →

100 Day Challenge

If you put your mind to it, what could you do for 100 days? You can't choose something that you already do each day, or hopefully do daily like eating, breathing and sleeping, but otherwise, the sky is the limit. You could opt to do an activity you've long wanted to do, you could eat... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Mock Draft

The NFL pushed the highly anticipated 2014 draft into May this year and tonight, finally, the fever pitch moment is here. Draft pundits everywhere having been creating detailed mock drafts and in a mere number of hours, the accuracy will be put to the test. Truthfully, like every March Madness bracket, every mock will be... Continue Reading →

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