The house lights go down as the crowd, packed liked sardines in a fresh sea of blackness, gasps and focuses all attention on a dark, barren stage.

5 seconds pass.

10 seconds pass.

Nothing happens but the crowd is not concerned as the silence continues to grow.

15 seconds pass.

The collective gasp that initially swept through quietly sits in the back of each throat.

20 seconds pass.

25 seconds pass.

The deafening silence is shattered(!) by a scattered, emergent cheer.

30 seconds pass.

The cheers multiply in number, imploring action, movement, anything!

35 seconds pass.

40 seconds pass.

45 seconds pass.

50 seconds pass.

Somewhere, from the realms of the deep a bass drum beckons. An unseen percussion, as if everywhere, answers the call with perfunctorily pop pop pops. The sound permeates the hall and, in a flash, a single light descends upon the a solitary man on the center of the stage creating the illusion of a shadow monster. The monster, head down and microphone in hand, opens its mouth and instantly transforms the crowd into a collective, bouncing and delightfully screaming mob. Lights begin to swirl and the monster, with his merry band, are ensconced in light as music bellows.

Euphoria abounds…


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